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Cold Appetizers

  • 49PLN/89PLN

    Platter of polish delicacies

    • - 49PLN
    • - 89PLN

    Platter of polish delicacies: roast pork, venison pate, black pudding, brawn, smoked sausage, wild board sausage, home-made schmalt with sauce and polish pickles

    – for two: 49 zł –
    – for four: 89 zł –

  • 49PLN/89PLN

    Platter of polish cheese

    • - 49PLN
    • - 89PLN

    Platter of polish farm cheese (5 diffrent types)with seasonal jam and nuts

    – for two: 49 zł –
    – for four: 89 zł –

  • 22PLN


    Herring in cold pressed rapeseed oil, green cucumber with elderberry juice, dill, blackcurrant mousse, nadbużański yogurt

  • 39PLN

    Beef tartare

    Beef tartare with egg yolk,onion,cucumber and pickled mushrooms

  • 19PLN

    Jellied pig’s

    Jellied pig’s trotters served with mushroom vinegar, horseradish mayonnaise

Hot Appetizers

Main course

  • 59PLN

    Zander fillet

    Zander fillet with crayfish sauce

  • 65PLN

    Sirloin of wild boar

    Sirloin of wild boar flambéed with demi-glace sauce with red wine and juniper served with boletus

  • 49PLN


    Ribs in plum sauce

  • 72PLN

    Beef tenderloin

    Beef tenderloin steak with pepper sauce

  • 46PLN

    Beef medallions

    Beef medallions braised in mushroom sauce

  • Half a duck 56

    Half a duck in a cranberry-orange sauce with roasted apples and cranberries

  • 52PLN

    roasted veal

    Slowly roasted veal in polish sauce

  • 69PLN

    pork knuckle

    Crunchy pork knuckle with dark beer and honey sauce

  • 38PLN

    Pork tenderloin

    Pork tenderloin in lemon-wine sauce

  • 35PLN

    pork chop

    ”Złotnicki” pork chop with bone


  • 38PLN

    Warm salad made of beetroots

    Warm salad made of beetroots in elderberry juice, stewed spinach, kohlrabi ravioli with goat cheese and sweet raisins with rocket pesto and fennel sauce

  • 35PLN

    Novelties salad

    Novelties salad (lettuce, spinach, radish, young green cucumber with elderberry juice, dill) with smoked lake white fish and egg, emilgrana cheese, lemon dressing

  • 29PLN

    Salad of crispy cauliflower

    Salad of crispy cauliflower, roasted walnuts and arugula with orange-poppy dressing (vege)


  • 22PLN

    Spicy beef tripe soup

    Spicy beef tripe soup ,cooked on an intense broth with grated nutmeg and ginger

  • 29PLN

    sour rye soup

    Traditional sour rye soup made of smoked bacon with white sausage and egg served in old polish bread

  • dawne smaki dawne smaki

    Chicken broth

    Chicken broth served with home-made pasta